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Wow. I’m actually blogging.

So first off, I want to address the name of the blog, “We’ll see where this takes me…” I chose this name because the main point of this blog is to serve as an online journal for me while I take my year off before going to college, with text and pictures, and more text, and more pictures. I’m travelling, mostly, with my newfound freedom, and right now it looks like I’ll be out and about from November to the end of February (with the chance of travel in October, and the even smaller chance of travelling up until next June or July – but one can hope). The point of the title of the blog belies the sense of “I have a plan, but I’m flexible – I’ll go where the wind blows” because that’s sort of the ideal I want to live with for my year off. Yes, I’m a naive kid just out of high school, and yes, I set lofty goals. But I’m going to be careful – I’m being supported by my wonderful family and friends.

Being said, this also serves as a great starting point for search & rescue (I’m not planning for that to be an issue, but isn’t that the point?). Anyway, my first few posts on here will be of the last couple months and will cover everything I’ve been doing since the end of school.

Now, the disclaimer: I am not a shy person, and I love talking to and getting to meet new people – AND I ALSO LOVE FEEDBACK! If anyone reading this has any suggestions, questions, comments, anything, please let me know. You could recommend new travel destinations, recommend good travelling jobs, or critique my overuse of commas (or any other grammatical fallacy). Really, I’m grateful in advance.