Hi Everyone!

So as you’ve noticed, there have been no updates about Ghana since day six. I’m sorry to say that those entries (of which there are still nine and a half to write) will be written at a later date. Don’t worry, I took copious, er, bullet points about the rest of my time there so hopefully much detail won’t be lost.

In the interim between trips, I enjoyed working for YouthCare, a youth homeless shelter; hanging with friends; and preparing for an early Christmas-cum-grandfather’s-90th-birthday. A lot of fun was had by all.

Now, however, I’m in Frankfurt with a school friend of mine, and despite my best efforts to post everyday I’ve quite honestly been having way too much fun 🙂

To remedy this, I’m going to post Frankfurt Day Zero: Teaser which covers my adventure up to the point when I touched down in New York.

Enjoy, and more is definitely on the way! Happy Holidays too.

Sincerely, Matthew