First off, I must apologize for ceasing to exist. It’s a hobby of mine. Over the past few semesters, I’ve found myself so inundated by not just school and work, but unfathomable anxiety with which I’m just beginning to come to terms; but I would rather show you than tell you, so here follows an excerpt from a letter I recently sent to a few of my friends:

“So, I’m halfway through my junior year at Willamette. Yay! No, really, save for the last semester-and-a-half, it’s been mostly enjoyable. The two biggest changes for me are that I changed my major from physics to comparative literature, and that I joined the fraternity Phi Delta Theta. I’m going to let those sink in for a moment, since in all honesty they are probably more of a surprise than anything else I’ve written. In terms of my major, I found that my class in Quantum Physics was very educating (sometimes even in terms of physics!) and I’m applying what I learned to create a nice, large escape velocity. Since I’ve taken a good amount of courses in the sciences, I’m concentrating on modern scientific understanding in society and government, and comp. lit will allow me to finally take some more humanities courses to round out my education. As for the fraternity, they’ve been very respectful of my position on Greek life for two years (‘hahahaNO’), and after they supported me through a lot of last semester, I decided that joining the friends I had made independently was absolutely worth it.

But what would life be without a little irony? Comparative literature was the example major I used when I was explaining to the Dean ‘which crazy majors should be cut’; and within Phi Delt, I’m serving as the recruitment chair after having rejected colleges during the decision process based on their Greek system. Now that I’ve decided to take Chinese, I’m in charge of a program where studying Japanese again would have been a much better choice socially and even professionally. Sometimes, I like to think that I hold the esteemed position of ‘karma’s chew toy.'”

I feel that this paints a fairly clear picture of where I am right now, and yes, there are some juicy parts missing from that excerpt – but I can’t just give away all the good stuff! One of my New Year’s resolutions was to write daily, maybe not on the blog, but daily nonetheless; so expect a better showing, albeit much shorter than my previous posting habit.